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Low Pressure Check Valve Manufacturer

As a leading low pressure check valve manufacturer, U.S. Valve supplies check valves in a wide variety of configurations and materials. We are known for our unique Elastomer Design, which provides the lowest pressure drop and highest Cv in the industry. This design is available on all our Full Port check valves. ANSI dual plate wafer check valves, (which conform to ANSI / API specifications), are the only check valves that do not come with our low ∆P elastomer design. These valves are suitable for any orientation including vertical up flow and downflow. our check valves are certified to meet the requirement of NSF 61 and NSF 372. Contact us today to learn more about the differenttypes of NSF Certified check valves we have to offer. 

What is a check valve used for?

A check valve is a one-way valve that prevents backflow.

When should check valves be used?

When two or more pumps or blowers are installed in parallel, check valves are used to isolate the ones that are not operating. In some applications, backflow is detrimental to the process or to equipment and must be prevented. 

How do check valves work?

Check valves have a mechanism either spring-loaded or not spring-loaded whereby the valve automatically closes once the flow through it is reduced below a minimum amount.  When the flow increases again with stronger force, the valve will re-open and the media is once again able to pass through.

What are the types of check valves?

There are a wide variety of check valves including elastomer hinge, double-disc, piston, and ball check valves. They usually are available in various body types including FNPT, MNPT, Flanged, Wafer, and Grooved End.



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