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Wafer Check Valves

Our Wafer Non-Return Valves (equivalent to Techno Check Valve 5118) are available Solid Body, H-Body and Extended Body Designs in sizes up to 30". Download our brochure for photos, drawings and dimensions of each body style. Body materials include Carbon Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Brass and Aluminum. Available elastomers include Buna N, EPDM, Viton, Silicon and Teflon. Valve internal components can be customized to fit your exact application requirements.

What is a Wafer Check Valve?

Wafer Check Valves

As a leading wafer check valves supplier, our Full Port Wafer Check Valves provide more flow and lower pressure drops than conventional check valves. Our elastomer hinge check valve design takes performance to an entirely new level by eliminating the restrictive valve seat and substantially increasing the valve’s open area and flow coefficient (Cv). They are ideal for application in vacuum pumps, compressed air and gas systems as well as in water systems where low head loss and elimination of water hammer are desirable.

Full Port Wafer Valve ManufacturerFeatures & Benefits of Wafer Check Valves

As a leading provider of full port wafer valve manufacturer, our Full Port Wafer Check Valves mount between flanges, making them easy to install or replace. These wafer check valves offer some impressive advantages over competitive designs.

  • Lowest Pressure Drop
  • High Flow Coefficient (Cv)
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Install
  • USA Content
  • ARRA Compliant
  • Alleviates Water Hammer
  • Simple Installation
  • Variety of Configurations
  • Zinc Dichromate Plated Steel Valves
  • Every Valve Tested

Fast Delivery

As a leading full port wafer manufacturer, we maintain an extensive inventory of wafer check valves, parts and components in a wide variety of materials so we can respond to your needs quickly. Wafer check valves are typically assembled and tested within 1 to 2 days after receipt of an order.

Cast Iron H-body Wafer Check ValveComplete Wafer Check Valve Engineering Data

Engineering data, including available materials, dimensions, exploded view, part numbers and descriptions, standard models, valve Cv, pressure loss curves, and other information on wafer check valves is available in our brochure.

U.S Valve, leading wafer check valves supplier, is able to assist you in all your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our wafer check vavles or request a quote. 

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