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How Quickly can you deliver?View More

We stock a large number of fully assembled valves in many materials of construction, including Medical Ball/Check Valves, which we are able to ship same day. 

We also maintain an extensive inventory of parts and components in a wide variety of materials, so we are typically able to assemble and ship valves from our Maryland facility within 1–2 days of order receipt. 

Do you build Custom Valves and Specials?View More

Yes, we often build custom valves to customers' specifications. Please Contact Us by phone or email to discuss your exact requirements. You can also use "Request a Quote" or "Have a Question?" forms on the right side of our web page.

Where can I download your Brochures and Technical Data?View More

Most of our individual Valve web pages include links at the bottom of the page to download the corresponding product brochure. These brochures include a wealth of technical information about our products, including material specifications, dimensions, performance curves, pressure ratings, etc.

You can also download files directly from our Engineering Resources page, which lists ALL the files currently available. Brochures are in PDF format.

Do you offer Oxygen Cleaning?View More

YES...All our Medical Gas ball and check valves are oxygen cleaned per CGA G-4.1. They are then capped and packaged in a polyethylene bag to keep them clean. 

If you require oxygen cleaning for non-Medical Gas valves and/or applications, please contact us for information.

Do you Test your valves?View More

Yes. All our valves are tested before shipment. Our ANSI/API Dual Plate Wafer Check Valves are tested in accordance with API 598.

Full port check valve seats are tested using low pressure air to assure that they seal for all applications. Ball valves are tested according to MSS-SP110.

Do you have repair kits available?View More

Repair kits are available either as a Wing Assembly Kit that includes all internal parts, a Spring Kit or as a Seal Kit that includes all non-metal parts.

Can Full Port check valves be installed in a vertical position?View More

Our Full Port Check Valves can be installed in any position. For vertical down-flow applications, we typically recommend the addition of a spring.

What is the cracking pressure for these valves?View More

The cracking pressure of a check valve depends upon the spring that is selected. A typical value for a standard spring is 0.2 PSI, while a typical light spring would have a cracking pressure of about 0.1 PSI. Lighter and Heavier Springs are available. Full port check valves are supplied without springs for many applications, eliminating the cracking pressure entirely. Check with our application engineering department to discuss your particular application and to get exacting specifications for the valve used for you application.


How do I know if an internal spring is required for your check valves?View More

Internal Springs are required for ANSI style dual plate wafer check valves, as well as for most check valves installed on liquid applications. Full port check valves can and often are installed without springs. We do recommend using a spring for vertical down-flow, all liquid applications, and for low flow air or gas applications. 

What is the difference between a Full Port Wafer check Valve and an ANSI Dual Plate Wafer Check Valve?View More

A Full Port wafer check valve uses an elastomer hinge as its sealing mechanism, which eliminates the need for any restrictive seat in the check valve. This means that the Full Port wafer check valve will have a lower pressure drop and a higher Cv than an ANSI Dual Plate wafer check valve. The ANSI Dual Plate wafer check valve is designed in accordance with API594 and is therefore often used for many process applications where reliance on known standards is the norm.

Do you accept credit card payments?View More

We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

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