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Techno Deep Well Check Valves

TECHNO Deep Well Check Valves with Female Threaded Ends

US Valve’s TECHNO™ heavy-duty deep well check valves are a good solution to overcoming water hammer and resolving your submersible pumping systems' check valve problems. The TECHNO deep well check valve's exceptional response to quick starting pumps and high head impacts distinguishes it as a superior valve for submersible service.

Specially designed for deep well applications, TECHNO's standard female threaded check valves are rated 450 psi services or depths of 1000 ft (305). Break-off plugs are available as well to provide ease of servicing of your submersible pump.

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The heavy wall body is designed to handle heavier pump and pipe weights. These features are combined with the unique TECHNO internal design to ensure that once you send it down, it's there to stay. The standard deep well valve can be machined to accept a breakaway plug with drainage orifice upon customer request. All deep well check valves are standard with spring. 

Deep Water Well Check Valves                   Deep Water Well Check Valves

Technologically Advanced Internal Design     

Engineered elastomers, developed for durability beyond the range of ordinary rubbers, provide the hinge and seal in the patented TECHNO design. These tough, flexible, reinforced elastomers are resistant to liquids, gases, steam, chemicals, oil and fuel.

The strength and durability of these elastomers ensure prolonged cycle life. TECHNO’s unique resilient seal provides an airtight shutoff.

Inherent features include large free area with resulting low-pressure loss, high sealing integrity from the continuous seal design, reduced noise and wear by the elimination of metal-to-metal rotating parts, and stable operation under a wide range of flow rates.

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       Style 5002F and 5002F-316

Techno Deep Well Dimensions Table                                      


TECHNO Flow Coefficients (Cv) vs. Conventional Designs 

TECHNO Flow Coefficients (Cv) vs. Conventional Designs

Check Valve Flow Coefficient Comparisons (Cv) - GPM of water @ 60F and 1 PSI Pressure Drop


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