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Techno Single-Disc Wafer Check Valves

Features & Benefits

US Valve’s TECHNO™ Single-Disc Wafer Check Valves are designed for installation in flanged piping systems in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Compatible with applications such as gaseous compressors and blowers, water and oil pumps, and biofuels production. Our Model SCW valves provide uni-directional protection among a wide variety of services.                                                                                                          

  • Low weight design, 80% – 90% weight reduction compared to full body swing check valves
  • Versatile functionality for horizontal and vertical installations
  • Integrated single piece cast disc and arm assembly increases unit integrity
  • Simplifies piping, optimizes space utilization, and lowers installation costs                                                    
  • Simple in-field repairability to mitigate downtime
  • Traditional and zero fugitive emission designs available

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                             ASME Class 125 & 150


                                 ASME Class 300

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